Gas Conversions

We are able to offer LPG Gas conversions for our customers. These are carried out by Arun Autogas who have been converting petrol cars to run on LPG for over 12 years. Arun use the BRC gas system.

The savings can be considerable with LPG currently 68-79 pence per litre. For a car that averages 25mpg on petrol and 20,000 miles per annum the savings over 3 years would be in excess of £4000 at current prices. LPG is cleaner than petrol and your engine will not clog up with harmful deposits but the real differnece will be seen when filling up. A typical £50 refuel will cost in the region of £30 with LPG.

BRC SEQUENT is the right solution for the latest generation vehicles. It represents the most advanced level of evolution for gaseous injection equipment. Using BRC Sequent, the ECU calculates the opening times of each injector cylinder by cylinder, and operates each gas injector separately. This enables BRC technology to offer the highest levels of precision injection timing. Consequently the sequential injection control allows the system to deliver the correct fuelling for the requirements of your vehicle.

BRC Gas Equipment has well established relationships with several major European car manufacturers providing further evidence of the product's quality and technological superiority.

Call us for details of the cars we have in stock that are suitable for LPG conversion.

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